When You Have To Be Away From Home


Our professional, insured dog walker will give your dog the attention and exercise they need in the comfort of their home. We offer reasonable rates and a variety of plans to meet your needs and our initial consult visit is free.


We are insured to protect you and your pet in case something unexpected happens.

Walking Hours

We generally perform walks between 9 AM – 5 PM. We are unable to guarantee exact times for visits. They are based on the pet sitter’s route. We generally perform visits within a 45 minute window of the time requested.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you notify us 24 hours before the planned visit if you need to cancel for any reason. You will be charged the full visit price if you wait to cancel until we arrive at your house.


We ask for a minimum of one business day (Monday through Friday) notice when making a reservation.

For all Pet Walking, dogs must be non-aggressive and not have barking or behavioral issues. All dogs are required to have received all standard vaccinations and are flea and tick free. Proof of vaccinations will be required. In the interest of the health of other dogs, please be sure your dog is not sick prior to using our services.